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Interviewing Go Developers and Getting a Good Go Job. Ole Bulbuk


Many companies have a hard time to find good developers and many of the most promising ones have accepted an offer somewhere else before reaching the end of the hiring process. In this talk, we'll explore the current market situation, and discuss the types of knowledge that is really important for more than 90% of the jobs. We arrive at an extensive but narrow set of topics, helpful for companies to hire great candidates with confidence independent of their formal seniority. We will be dispelling myths and revealing some oddities about common IT interviews that lead to all to common problems down the road. Focusing on the important topics not only helps to reduce the gap between expectations and reality on both sides but makes the hiring process significantly more efficient, too.
Developers will know where to focus to land their first job. Companies will have a better set of criteria to sharpen their hiring process.
Either way, this talk shows you what really matters — and how to steer clear of what doesn't.