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Intro to React Hooks: Workshop


Presented by WWCode Boston
Calling all React devs! Have you heard about React hooks, but never gotten a chance to try them out? Join us for a free interactive workshop by Lael Birch, Software Engineer at EdX!
Hooks are a new feature in React 16.8+ that let you use state and lifecycle methods in functional components, without having to create a class. This can result in code that's easier to read and test.
This workshop will cover: - The basics of pre-existing hooks - How and why to write your own hooks - Basic testing of hooks
This is a code-along workshop, designed for attendees who have some experience with React and a basic understanding of state in React.
Please be sure that you have node and npm installed on your machine. You can clone the repo we'll be working from here:
Lael Birch is a bootcamp graduate with 6 years of experience in as a full stack web dev, specializing in Django and React. They are a software engineer at edX. For fun they enjoy singing, board games, and horseback riding.
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