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Intro to Vue.js

03.13.2018 at JavascriptLA

Los Angeles

Brad Ito (Retina.AI)

Vue.js is set to take over web front-end development. In Github stars it has more than double the stars as Angular 2/4, and nearly ties React. In Google trends it exceeds all other frontend frameworks. Come learn how a simple and powerful new framework has taken the best of existing frameworks and remixed it into something transformative and new.
Brad Ito is CTO & Co-Founder of Retina.AI but among our comunity he's better known as the head organizer of the LA Vue.js meetup. Graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brad is a Technology omnivore. Polyglot Software/Web Developer (Typescript, Javascript, Python, PHP, Java) Kanban ProjectManagement proponent Big Data / Data Science architect.
His company Retina.AI is currently Hiring! They’re looking for the first hires, who will be instrumental in shaping the product and success of the company. The office is located near the beach and third street promenade in beautiful Santa Monica. They've led data science teams at Facebook and Paypal, built, and sold companies, and built the core tech behind several startups.
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