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Introduction to Data Analysis Using Pandas (Day 2)


Presented by WWCode Kuala Lumpur Speaker: Kian Yang
Introduction to Data Analysis using pandas Data is an important part of our world! Many tech giants have started hiring data scientists to analyze data and extract useful insights for business decisions.
Currently, Python is the most important language for data analysis, and many of the industry-standard tools are written in Python. Python Pandas is one of the most essential, in-demand tools that any aspiring data analysts need to learn. Today, we’ll introduce you to the essentials of Pandas.Pandas is one of those packages and makes importing and analyzing data much easier.
Do you have a coding background? Yes, you need to have coding basics to make the most out of the workshop. It does not have to be python, but familiarity with any coding language would help you to pick up as we are not going to go in-depth on the coding basics. This workshop is designed for programmers who wish to start data analysis but are not sure how to start, or those who would like to understand data processing.
Do I need to install anything? No, we will be using Google Colab throughout the workshop. Link to the lab:
If you wish to use local environment, please install the neccessary modules. Check out the FAQ which we will be sharing soon for more details.
What will you be doing during the workshop? Our Speaker will walk you through useful commands for data analysis using pandas. You will then utilize the knowledge gained onto analysing the dataset given prior to the workshop. Breakout rooms will be available with facilitators facilitating the session. However, due to time limitations, we may not be able to complete all the content. We will provide the content and solutions after both sessions so that you can work on it at your own pace.
Kian Yang is a MSc of Data Science and Business Analytics and Certified Deep Learning Engineer. He has years of experience in coding using Python, with focus on data analytics using Pandas. Enjoys building machine learning models and dashboards.
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