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Introduction to Hacking: Open Source Intelligence

Open Source

Presented by WWCode NYC
In a follow up to last year's "Intro to Cybersecurity and Cyber Wargames", we're hosting a second session to introduce and expand upon the exciting world of cybersecurity!
Are you that friend that loves to Google and can find information about anyone with just a few clicks? Everyday, the internet expands to include more and more information. This includes news articles, Instagram photos, and that cute video of your dog on Twitter. This session will review one aspect within cyber security: open source intelligence or OSINT. OSINT is the practice of gathering information from published or publicly available sources. You need to be aware of what kind of information is publicly available to best protect yourself and/or your organization. This presentation will go over how to track a digital footprint and demo how to use some common tools hackers use to get information off public resources.
Speaker: Sana Talwar is a cybersecurity engineer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, having recently received a Bachelors in Computer Science with a focus in security. Her goal is to specialize in offensive security and network analysis, and she hopes to help bring more women and diverse persons to the security field. During her free time, she likes to go outdoors to hike or kayak and like to race sailboats.
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