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IT talk: «DevOps: SRE & AWS»


"A quick introduction to SRE. Why SRE is to DevOps What Scrum Is to Agile" by Jakub Kociubiński, Java Developer
SRE is getting more and more popular and its adoption rate is growing minute by minute. If you want to know what it is all about and why SRE is to DevOps, what Scrum is to Agile, please join this talk.
Points: • What is SRE? • Why is it getting so popular? • Why SRE is to DevOps what Scrum is to Agile? Discussion
Jakub Kociubiński is an experienced programming enthusiast. He enjoys learning and trying out new things, but at the same time values simplicity and the "get things done" mindset. He is currently working as a Team Leader in a project for the biggest online grocery retailer in the world.
"Multi-account environments in AWS" by Pavel Khrulev, Solution Architect
Description: We'll discuss who and why may need multi-account environments, review on a high-level what tools and services we have for creating and managing such environments, will try to determine use cases for these tools and services.
Points: • Discussion about multi-account environments in AWS • Review of the tools we have for managing such environments • Case studies
Pavel Khrulev - Solutions Architect at DataArt specialising in Cloud Architecture. Has about 12 years of experience in IT. Started in DataArt as a developer, but fell in love with Architecture and Cloud and became a Solutions Architect. Have GCP Data Engineer and AWS Solutions Architect certificates. ____________________________________________ Website: Twitter: Facebook: