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"Java Puzzlers, Strange Loop Edition" by Bob Lee and Josh Bloch


"Something Old, Something Gnu, Something Bogus, Something Blew"
How can they do it? How can Josh Bloch and Bob Lee keep coming up with such great programming puzzlers year after year? They can't! In this, the umpteenth installment of this perennial crowd pleaser, Click and Hack the Type-It brothers recycle the best of a bad lot, and throw in a few all-new puzzles for your pleasure and astonishment. But it's not all fun and games: the lessons you take away from this fun-filled extravaganza will alert you to the dangers that lurk in Java's dark corners, so you can avoid or eliminate them from your programs and designs. Come early—as always, overripe fruit will be given to the first fifty attendees.
Bob Lee Square @crazybob
Joshua Bloch consults for Square. Previously, he was chief Java Architect at Google and Distinguished Engineer at Sun. He is the author of the bestselling, Jolt Award-winning “Effective Java” and coauthor of "Java Puzzlers." Bob Lee is CTO of Square. Previously, he led Android’s core library development at Google, created the Jolt award-winning Guice framework, and led JSR 330 Dependency Injection for Java.
Josh Bloch @joshbloch
Joshua J. Bloch is a software engineer, formerly employed at Google, and a technology author. He led the design and implementation of numerous Java platform features, including the Java Collections Framework, the java.math package, and the assert mechanism. He is the author of the programming guide Effective Java, which won the 2001 Jolt Award, and is a co-author of two other Java books, Java Puzzlers (2005) and Java Concurrency In Practice (2006).
Recorded at Strange Loop conference ( in St. Louis, MO, Oct 2013.