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Journey to Node.js Core Using End-to-End Workload Node-DC-EIS

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Anil Kumar (Intel)

Node.js is excellent in handling asynchronous events but emerging enterprise use cases are becoming very complex as Node.js is being used for many adjacent areas also. We are developing an end-to-end workload ( which is exercising many critical features of Node.js like async.js call, anonymous functions, connections to different schemas of mongo DB etc. We are using this workload to evaluate monolithic mode vs. cluster mode vs. micro-services as well as impact of different schema architecture, local caching etc. while monitoring internals of Node.js event loop. In addition to throughput, it reports 99 percentile of response time. We are also containerizing the workload to understand the impact on throughput and response time. Using top-down performance methodology, build-in Node.js monitoring as well as HW counters, we are working to understand the internals of Node.js and how different critical Node.js components exercise a typical Data Center resources. This will help Node.js developers and architects in understanding Node.js pitfalls and writing applications which will scale in an enterprise Node.js environment which is essential for long term success of Node ecosystem.
About Anil Kumar: Anil is one of the earliest contributors to Java virtual machines GC, large pages, profiling etc. He has great experience in performance optimization as well as benchmarks development and standardization. He comes with an extensive industry network, being the Intel representative for 5 years in the JCP Executive Committee (Java Community Process) and a member in the SPEC committee where he chairs the OSGjava subcommittee, which owns the benchmarks SPECjms2007, SPECjvm2008, SPECjEnterprise2010 and SPECjbb2015. In addition to being a key player in SPEC ( with many well-known OEMs and enterprise companies, Anil has been one of the key architects for SPECjvm2008, SPECjbb2005/2015, SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmarks. More details can be found here Anil has delivered many talks at conferences like JavaOne and keynotes at SouJava Brazil, ICPE in Dresdon, Node Summit 2017. Currently he is project owner for where main charter is to develop Node.js workloads for Data Center. In spare time, he loves mentoring young kids for STEM and judging science fairs in particularly for emerging trends in computers.