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Journey towards autonomous teams | A coach's toolkit by Yashasree Barve #AgileIndia 2021


The scrum guide says that ""A scrum team is self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how."" One of the most important responsibilities of a scrum master (or a coach or even a leader) towards a scrum team is coaching them in self-management. Self-managed teams are empowered to inspect the way they work and outcomes achieved and adapt themselves to be better. These teams are autonomous in several aspects of managing themselves. Autonomy is also an important pillar of intrinsic motivation as per Daniel Pink's book 'Drive'
As part of coaching agile teams, we experimented with establishing various dimensions of autonomy within a team based on work done by various thought leaders. It helped the teams to understand where they stand on various aspects of autonomy, what can be taken up as an improvement backlog as well as what help do they need from the environment or ecosystem.
This session lays down these important dimensions along with the format of the workshop for teams and a toolkit that will help the teams to understand autonomy details, identify where they are and what they can do to be more autonomous.
The session will help agile team coaches, scrum masters or leaders to discuss team autonomy in an interactive way with their teams and identify improvement areas.
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