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Journey Without Fear. Leading Your Teams to High-performance. by Dana Pylayeva #AgileIndia2020


Psychological Safety has been identified as a #1 condition for creating high-performing teams by Google's Project Aristotle. Yet, many organizations today find themselves being affected by fear in the workplace. It manifests itself in employee's disengagement, lack of innovation and toxic working environments.
How can we start taking the first steps away from the culture of fear and towards a culture of psychological safety?
Join this interactive session to experiment with a new ""Fear in the Workplace"" and ""Safety in the Workplace"" games (designed by the speaker) and start these difficult conversations in a fun way. Discover a number of safety enhancers that can help you, your teams and your organization on this journey.
Highly experiential, this session is designed with elements of Training from the Back of the Room and brings together 'tried and true' practices from the years of coaching teams in US, Canada, Ireland and Japan.
Join in to learn by doing and bring back a set of practices designed to significantly improve psychological safety in teams and organizations.
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