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JS Monthly Lunchtime Meetup #7


Join us for the 7th edition of JS Monthly Lunchtime Meetup!
◭ Making MongoDB Type-Safe with Prisma by Daniel Norman ◭ Type safety is indispensable for developers to be productive and to have strong confidence in their code. While MongoDB is great for developers that need to move quickly, it is not straightforward to access it in a type-safe way. Doing this requires a lot of boilerplate code and manual work to keep database models and application types in sync. In this talk, you’ll learn how Prisma enables developers using MongoDB to model their data with a schema and benefit from a type-safe data access API at a low cost of adoption. ◭ Daniel (@daniel2color) is a software engineer with broad experience across modern web and cloud environments. He’s passionate about open source and modern development tooling and likes bringing ideas from different disciplines to software development. These days, Daniel is a developer advocate at Prisma, focusing on next-generation database access for Node.js and Typescript. Outside the software world, Daniel is interested in woodworking and motorcycling.
◭Peter Perlepes - Fully featured auth for your Next.js-Prisma app with Clerk
Learn more about Prisma: ◭ Website:​​ ◭ Docs:​​ ◭ Quickstart: