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JS Monthly Online #17


Join us for another episode of technical tales, programming problems and slick solutions.
◭ Double up your component and integration tests with Supertest & Nock - Lewis Prescott
This talk builds on my course for Test Automation University ( Using the power of mocking and the tool Nock. You can build component and integration tests with one set of scripts. I will show you how this is possible and also explain the difference between component and integration tests. In order to make your tests fast and build tests at the right level, use the power of mocking.
◭ Heavily Connected Data Applications / Daniel Olavio Ferreira
In my talk, I will be showing how complex it can get when having to deal with SQL table relations with some mainstream ORMs, such as TypeORM and Sequelize. I will compare them to how Prisma deals with it using a simple yet powerful schema syntax, and an intuitive query client.
◭ Anonymous video calling app using machine learning- Ben Butterworth
By turning on the webcam during video calls, we reveal our face, identity, race/ ethnicity, disabilities and living conditions. We also don't always feel like putting our camera on when talking to other people over video calls. We are also unusually quiet (or muted) when listening to someone on these calls. What if we could have video calls, but still avoid all these issues?
Anonymous video calls allow you to communicate with someone using your facial expression and animation, without revealing your identity, physical background or other sensitive information. It allows you to safely share expressions and emotion. Your webcam feed is processed locally, sending only the minimal amount of data which represents your virtual face.
You can try it at
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