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Just-in-Time Compilation - JF Bastien - CppCon 2020

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Just-in-Time compilers... we've all heard of them! What are they really? Why would anyone want them, are they actually a good idea, and how do they fit in with C++ since we all use Ahead-of-Time compilers?
In this talk I'll tell you about C++ AOT compiler, JITs for dynamic language, JITs for binary translation, and dive back 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years, way back into compiler history and read wonderful academic papers about compilers. I'll illustrate how our view of compilers is really monolithic, and how compilers through time, and still today, are actually a continuum.
--- JF Bastien Software Architect, Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development Compiler engineer, chair of the C++ committee's language evolution working group.
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