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"Keeping Your Open Source Project Accessible to All" by Treva Williams


Most Open Source communities do their best to welcome new contributors to their projects on every technical level, but small things like overly technical descriptions of projects, incomplete documentation, & wordy write-ups can unintentionally intimidate potential contributors without a lot of experience &/or traditional tech education.
As a pretengineer myself now in charge of building an open source community, it is important to me to remove as many boundaries as possible for others coming from non-tech backgrounds, but who are passionate about Open Source software. Being careful to not construct unintended boundaries in the projects I maintain, in addition to spreading awareness with other projects has become something of a mission. In this talk I will share what obstacles I've observed over the course of my my journey in the Open Source world, as well as my game plan for dismantling said obstacles as a community manager.
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Treva Nichole Williams is a Red Hat certified Linux, OpenStack, & OpenShift sysadmin, instructor, & dedicated Open Source evangelist. Before venturing into the field of online learning, Treva spent 5 years managing Rackspace’s multi-region, multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure as a Cloud Virtualization administrator. Treva is an OpenStack Active Technical Contributor & Active User Contributor, and is active in several OpenStack, RDO, OpenShift and Ceph communities and groups. When not OpenStacking, OpenShifting, or Cephing, Treva enjoys doggos, candy, cartoons, and playing "So You Think You're a Marine Biologist" on Google. Speaking of doggos, Treva frequently travels with her companion pup, Sir Hairold B. Goggington III, & he loves making new friends. Feel free to come up & say hello. :D
Recorded at Strange Loop 2021