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KEYNOTE: Developer Efficiency and Production Success for Node.js Applications

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Michael Dawson (IBM)

Developer efficiency, production-level performance, support and easy-to-use tooling are critical to the success of Node.js at an enterprise-scale. For years, IBM has been committed to making Node.js enterprise ready through key contributions to the community. Join Michael Dawson as he shares how IBM is building on those efforts to provide tooling (many open source) and support throughout the entire development life cycle, so Node.js can power business critical enterprise applications.
Michael Dawson is an active contributor to Node.js and a CTC member. He contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, LTS as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed (ex: ci jobs, benchmarking and code coverage reporting). Within IBM he leads the Node.js team driving IBM’s Node.js runtime deliveries and their contributions to Node.js and v8 within the Node and google communities. Past experience includes building IBM's Java runtime, building and operating client facing e-commerce applications, building PKI and symmetric based crypto solutions as well as a number of varied consulting engagements. In his spare time he uses Node.js to automate his home and life for fun.