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KEYNOTE: One Week in the Life of Node.js

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Anna Henningsen

Would you have guessed that the Node.js Github organization generates more than ten thousand comments per month? Probably not! Anna sheds some light on what is happening in the everyday life of the Node.js project and gives insight into the challenges of developing an open software on this scale.
Anna is a math student from Düsseldorf, Germany. When Anna is not studying, she is contributing to Node.js or participating in the Node.js Core Technical Committee - Node.js is her current hobby. Anna also helps mentor at Code & Learn events. Code & Learn events allow developers to get started (or go further) with Node.js core contributions. Experienced contributors help guide developers through their first (or second or third or fourth) commit to Node.js core. If you are interested, a Code & Learn event will take place on October 6 during Node.js Interactive.