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KEYNOTE: The Case for Node.js

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Justin Beckwith (Google)

Node.js has had a transformational effect on the way we build software.
However, convincing your organization to take a bet on Node.js can be difficult.
My personal journey with Node.js has included convincing a few teams to take a bet on this technology, and this community.
Let’s take a look at the case for Node.js we made at Google, and how you can make the case to bring it to your organization.
Justin is a product manager, web developer, and geek dad working on the developer experience for Google Cloud. He leads Google’s Node.js product efforts, and this one time he served on the Node.js Foundation board of directors. Before joining Google, he filled various developer and architect roles with startups, healthcare companies, and universities. He blogs at and twitters as @justinbeckwith