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KEYNOTE- The V8 Engine and Node.js

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Franzi Hinkelmann (Google)

V8 is the JavaScript engine developed by Google used in Chrome. V8 is also the JavaScript runtime in Node.js. Learn what the Chrome V8 team is doing to continue to support Node.js.
Franzi Hinkelmann is located in Munich, Germany where she works at Google on Chrome V8. Franzi, like James and Anna, is a member of the Node.js Core Technical Committee. She speaks across the globe on the topic of JavaScript virtual machines. She has a PhD in mathematics, but left academia to follow her true passion: writing code.
Franzi will discuss her perspective on Chrome V8 in Node.js, and what the Chrome V8 team is doing to continue to support Node.js. Want to know what the future of browser development looks like? This is a must-attend keynote.
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