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Kill All Humans: Introducing Reliable Dependency and Release Management for npm Packages [I]

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Gregor Martynus (Neighbourhoodie)

“Versionsnummernerhöhungsangst” is the German word for the fear of increasing the major version number of a module, and just look at this word – it must be real! Let’s explore the reasons for this fear and how we, collectively, can overcome it. People think Semantic Versioning is an ambiguous concept, but we can learn how to work with it correctly, how to interpret the author’s intent (or express our own), and how to back up the whole process with automation, security layers and verification mechanisms. Let me introduce you to an automated, tool-backed process that unfolds the full potential of a small modules world, while leaving humans to what they’re needed for: creation, communication and decision making.
About Gregor Martynus: Node Developer by day, Open Source Community Engineer by night.