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Kubernetes Meets Infrastructure As Code

DevOps Kubernetes
11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Kamil Rogoń (Container Labs)

Think as a code for your infrastructure - this is crucial for real DevOps experience. During the session Kamil will summary how Kubernetes is designed to meet this requirement. But that’s not all. Kamil will share how kops can handle the installation / upgrades and all 2nd day operations of the infrastructure satisfying first paradigm of modern container orchestration.
Kamil Rogoń is a DevOps Architect. He brings systems administration experience of both traditional IT infrastructure and production Public Cloud usage. Kamil used to drive industry changes within Intel while working on improving Software Defined Infrastructure stacks. His effort is now oriented towards helping customers in building clouds for container orchestration, which fits into changing IT in modern way. Known as a security and privacy paranoid, he believes that the automation of everything saves a lot of valuable DevOps time.