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Kubernetes Or OpenShift - Kubernetes Or OpenShift - Choosing Container Platform For Dev And Ops

DevOps Kubernetes Containers OpenShift
11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Tomasz Cholewa (Mindbox)

Kubernetes has become the most popular choice among container orchestrators with strong community and growing numbers of production deployments. There is no shortage of various K8s distros, at the moment 20+ and counting. There are many distributions available that just simply add toolsets and products that embed it and adds more features. In this presentation, you'll learn about OpenShift and how it compares to vanilla Kubernetes - their major differences, best features and how they can help to build a consistent platform for Dev and Ops cooperation.
Tomasz Cholewa Architect of modern infrastructure based on cloud, containers and Linux systems. "Infrastructure as Code" practitioner, enthusiast of real DevOps based on culture rather on tools and zealous automation fan. He acquires new skills with passion and often with a new certificate added to his collection. He likes to share his knowledge with others and utilizes it by designing effective environments for modern applications. Fan of absurd humor and an incurable perfectionist who always sees a room for improvement.