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Launch of the Bookclub and Panel Discussion "Leadership: Finding Your Voice”


Presented by WWCode London
Women Who Code London invites you to the launch of the community Bookclub, where we discuss books, talks and other media around topics that are of interest to our community. To kick us off with the first topic, we invite you to join us for a Panel Discussion "Leadership: Finding Your Voice".
We did a poll in Women Who Code London and found that leadership is an area of interest for our community. Recognizing the group of diverse women and the amazing resources that already exist, we want to create an experience where our members come together to support each other and learn together.
We believe that leadership is something you can demonstrate whether you are an individual contributor or in a formal leadership role. The series will be geared towards both women who are already in leadership roles and those who are currently individual contributor.
Every month, we will examine a different resource together. The first 30 minutes will be dedicated to studying the content and the second 30 minutes will be a focused discussion. We will cover topics like leading in the face of adversity, having difficult conversations and leading without formal authority. The best part is we will structure the sessions in a way where you can drop in and out based on the topics that are most relevant to you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panellists ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------------------- Mary Gudman ( --------------------------------- === Bio === I'm a software engineer with experience in backend, frontend and mobile. At the moment I'm working as a full-stack Engineer in a green energy supplier Bulb based in London. I'm interested in everything Tech, in promoting women in IT, in green and sustainable initiatives for all. --------------------------------- Kim Scofield ( --------------------------------- === Bio === Kim is an artificial intelligence analyst, cognitive linguist, and private investor. She is the Founder and CEO of Space42, a company focused on facilitating and developing the global private investment ecosystem through investment funds, leadership training, and the decentralization of innovation. She is also the Founder and CEO of Blonde Bad Wolf Consulting, a company that focuses on artificial intelligence, tech infrastructure, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Kim has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Linguistics, and a research background that covers AI and predictive analytics research (specifically particle swarming), unsupervised machine learning, smart tutors, blockchain, and cybersecurity. --------------------------------- Alex Mikhailova ( --------------------------------- === Bio === Experienced developer and mentor who has recently stepped up to a project lead role, leading cross-team infrastructural projects. I have spent the last 4 years at a London-based hedge fund, exploring and contributing in different areas ranging from algorithms and infrastructure engineering to research, before taking on a project lead role and falling in love with it. I also see myself as a life-long learner and am now pursuing my part-time PhD in Statistics while working full-time.
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