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Laurin Quast - Are you using GraphQL the intended way? - GraphQL Berlin Meetup #26


GraphQL is a technology whose adoption grows constantly. More and more enterprise-grade companies start investigating and betting on it. Today there are many different tools for building a GraphQL API, whether from scratch or by generating it from an existing database or REST API. You can solve API ownership by federating your schema. It is obvious that GraphQL is here to stay. Interestingly, a lot of the use-cases for GraphQL today differ from its original purpose when first developed by Facebook. Let's have a tour through how the use-cases evolved and whether you are using GraphQL the intended way.
Laurin Quast is a developer that started exploring GraphQL, by leading the private and later public API development at a start-up. Realizing that there are still many unsolved problems and challenges within the space, he started contributing to famous JavaScript libraries, such as GraphQL Code Generator and GraphQL Tools. Diving deeper and deeper, the transition into becoming a full-time open-source developer at The Guild was inevitable.
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