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Presented by WWCode Silicon Valley Synopsis: Learn how to negotiate your salary from the lead negotiator and founders at Bring all of your questions about compensation, negotiation, or other burning questions you have.
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Intro on by Zaheer Mohiuddin, Founder & Zuhayeer Musa, Co-Founder Learn how to negotiate your salary by Sarah Dinh - Product Manager, Negotiation Service Q&A : Deepa Mohan & Sarah Dinh
Zaheer and Zuhayeer: Zaheer and Zuhayeer started as a side project. Zaheer was working at Amazon and Zuhayeer was attending UC Berkeley. It quickly went from a side project that took up nights and weekends to a really popular compensation and leveling tool. After going full time in 2019, the mission at today is to help people make the best career decisions.
Sarah: Sarah is a former Technical Recruiter with 5+ years of experience at companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Currently, as a Career Coach at, she's helping others to make better career decision, especially when it comes to negotiating an offer they deserve. She's been on both sides of the process and excited to share her knowledge and expertise to help others.
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