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Learn To Trust Yourself, Unlock Your Inner Wisdom To Create Positive Change


Presented by WWCode Fort Collins Are you nagged by feelings of doubt? Do you ever question if you are good enough or smart enough for a career in tech? Does not knowing what you're doing ever paralyze you?
Such thoughts and feelings are a sign of imposter syndrome, which is defined as a persistent disbelief in your legitimacy, worth or skills as a professional.
What if there was a solution to imposter syndrome within your reach? Contrary to what you might believe, it isn't about getting more experience. It's about learning how to trust yourself.
In this talk, Ariana will show participants how to find their voice and unlock their innate wisdom through reflective practices like journaling. As a result you'll develop the confidence and fortitude to persevere when faced with new challenges and obstacles so you thrive.
Speaker bio: Ariana Friedlander, MPA, is an organizational anthropologist, a leadership development expert and an author. She is the founder and principal of Rosabella Consulting and has over 18 years of experience in fostering positive change within organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes including small business, non-profit, government and higher education. Ariana made Northern Colorado's “40 under Forty” list in 2015 and received the fourth annual Quid Novi Award for Innovative Thought. She is a master facilitator, Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach, and a trained Add Heart Facilitator.
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