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Let's write a Client-side Routing Library with Svelte


Part 1. Client-side Routing with routes definition ============ 1. Match route and render component 2. History API for client-side navigation 3. Intercepting link clicks with event delegation 4. Listens to the back event 5. Code Splitting and Lazy Loading 6. Adding the loading indicator for slower networks 7. Matching routes with dynamic parameters 8. Capturing dynamic parameters 9. Updating route props by reusing component instance 10. Advance matching for parameters 11. Rest Parameters 12. Multiple layout components for a route
Part 2. Generating routes definition from folder structure ============ 13. Setting up for File-based Routing 14. Extracting routes by traversing the folder structure 15. Extracting parameters from file paths into regular expressions 16. Finding nested layouts components from the folder structure 17. Specifying parameter matchers in the file path 18. Ordering routes by its specificity 19. Adding names to layouts 20. Providing page and navigation stores 21. Watch file changes to regenerate route definitions
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