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Level Up Your Code: An Introduction to Accessibility


Presented by WWCode Portland 🎨 Level Up Your Code: An Introduction to Accessibility
Accessibility is essential to crafting web and mobile experience that everyone can experience. In today’s world, every developer should know how to design, code, and test their applications for accessibility. In this session, Caterina will introduce accessibility implementations, define common accessibility deficiencies in current websites, and include a list of actionable steps developers can take to address accessibility issues in their code. We will end the session by discussing how to automate tests.
⏰ Agenda (Virtual event)
5:15 - Attendees may join waiting room 5:30 - Welcome & Icebreakers 5:45 - Presentation: Level Up Your Code: An Introduction to Accessibility 6:45 - Breakout session with exercises 7:15 - Closing
👩🏽 About Our Speaker
Caterina Paun (she/her) is a Senior Instructor of Computer Science in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University. She is a developer, designer, international speaker, and educator who is passionate about improving learning outcomes and building communities. Her area of expertise includes web development, front end, user experience, accessibility, and voice-enabled applications. Prior to joining PSU, Caterina worked in various engineering and management roles for large tech companies and startups. She is the Senior Director and co-founder of Women Who Code Portland and an Advocate for Women in Voice. Outside of work, her pandemic-era hobbies include baking, watching tv, and gardening.
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