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Level Up Your Concurrency Skills With Rust

09.28.2017 at StrangeLoop

St. Louis

David Sullins (Nvidia)

In an age of diminishing single-core performance improvements, having a strong grasp of concurrent programming is more useful than ever. But what makes it so hard to learn compared to many other concepts? Race conditions are sneaky: they might not show up in your tests, and it can be terrifying if they're first found in production. It's not always easy to see when we've made a concurrency mistake.
Rust can help! This talk will show you how Rust will catch many concurrency errors at compile time, giving you a quick feedback loop to improve your understanding of how to make concurrent programming safe. No matter what language you develop in the most, practicing with Rust could help you improve your skills. Don't fear the concurrency!
David Sullins NVIDIA
Professionally, David has been doing all sorts of things related to game development for NVIDIA for the past 9 years, mostly using C++. In his free time he likes learning other languages that can teach us new ways of thinking about problems. Besides Rust, he's recently been interested in Idris and Elixir. When he's not working or talking your ear off about Rust, he also likes cooking, cycling in all weather, and hugs.