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Lightning Talks


Presented by WWCode Cincinnati
Join WWCode Cincinnati for ur second round of virtual series of Lightning Talks! No matter your role, we invite you to join! This event is crafted to educate and inspire, and all are welcome.
Hands on Learning Experiences with Jennifer Cihla What is the ideal learning process for you? How each person navigates the learning cycle can vary widely. In this talk I will discuss my experiences and lend insight into the process of truly learning a new skill versus just following tutorials.
Making Sense of CSS with LeeAnne Galioto The basics of CSS are easy to master, but when you’re not used to the language, simple style edits can be frustrating. This talk will teach you some CSS concepts to help you the next time you need to make sense of your project’s styles.
Getting started with ML Kit with Sierra OBryan ML Kit brings Google’s machine learning expertise to mobile developers (both Android and iOS). The powerful library includes both Vision APIs for image labeling and detection and Natural Language APIs to identify and translate between languages to help developers build engaging and personalized apps. In this lightning talk, we’ll walk through setting up and using the default Image Labeling Vision API in an Android app and talk about where you can go from there!
Intro to Three.js with Lashonda Miller Today I’ll be talking about the JavaScript framework known as Three. It can be used to render 3D objects in the browser. You can make pretty much anything with it, ranging from simple geometry shapes, to making a whole 3D world/games. And I’ll be giving a quick demo for your very first Three.JS project!
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