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Look mum, no hands!

11.05.2017 at NodeConfEU


Charlie Gerard (The New York Times)

Just to be clear…, this is not about bicycles and JavaScript, this is about mind control. Disappointed? Don’t be.
Being able to control objects or interfaces using your body movements is already possible with devices like the Leap Motion, the Myo armband or the Kinect, but what if I told you that you could have that same control, using only using your thoughts?
I have been tinkering with a brain sensor for about a year and this talk will be about how I built an open-source JavaScript framework for it, so that I (or anyone else) can control other devices or web interfaces using facial expressions or mental commands.
Charlie Gerard is a software developer by day and a maker of things by night. She spends her personal time tinkering with hardware and experimenting with creative technologies. When she's not prototyping projects mixing art and technology, she likes to mentor young developers and contribute to open-source.