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Make Your Angular Application PWA


Presented by WWCode Sofia Speaker: Yoana Boyanova from VMware Bulgaria! Nowadays is crucial to develop apps with great UX and UI and to spend less time of developing a certain app for both web and mobile. In few simple steps you can make your existing Angular application act like a native app:
work offline; install it like a desktop application; send native notifications.
If you're interested in how you can approach this, join our talk and learn more about this challenging journey.
👩‍🦰 Yoana Boyanova has been working as a front-end developer for almost 5 years – her first job was in an outsourcing company where she worked with React, AngularJS, Angular 2, and jQuery.
Now she's part of VMware Bulgaria Team as a Software Development Team Lead. She is working on a product which is a huge Angular 5 application for configuring cloud resources.
Also, she is an indispensable part of Women Who Code Sofia.
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