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Making Iterators, Views and Containers Easier to Write with Boost.STLInterfaces - Zach Laine CppCon

English --- Writing standard-compliant iterators is surprisingly easy to get wrong. Standard containers are tedious to write, because they have such large interfaces, involving lots of similar operations. For many years, Boost.Iterator's iterator_facade and iterator_adaptor were the state of the art for automating the creation of iterators with minimal effort. However, that library has not kept up with the evolution of C++, particularly with regard to constexpr and noexcept.
Boost.STLInterfaces is a newly-accepted Boost library that solves these problems for authors of iterators and sequence containers. It does this using the same approach as C++20's std::ranges::view_interface. The view_interface template is a CRTP base that implements all the possible view member functions when inherited by a derived type containing just begin() and end(). This pattern allows the user to use Boost.STLInterfaces to write correct iterators, views, and/or sequence containers, requiring surprisingly little code. --- Zach Laine Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Cadence Design Systems Zach Laine has been using C++ in industry for 15 years, focusing on data visualization, numeric computing, games, generic programming, and good library design. He finds the process of writing bio blurbs to be a little uncomfortable.
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