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Managing SSH Access without Managing SSH Keys

10.29.2017 at LISA

San Francisco

Niall Sheridan (Intercom)

Everyone uses SSH to manage their production infrastructure, but it's really difficult to do a good job of managing SSH keys. Many organisations don't know how many SSH keys have access to production systems or how protected those keys are. A trusted SSH private key can be years old, unprotected by passphrase, and shared among multiple people who may not even work for you.
With some tooling and configuration SSH keys can be replaced with limited-use ephemeral certificates, issued centrally and with better access controls and automatic key expiration, solving many of the shortcomings of using SSH keys.
This talk will cover: * Managing SSH keys: The bad parts * Replacing SSH keys with ephemeral certificates: how & why * Discussion of an implementation of a CA for SSH certificates * Call for participation, showing github source