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Manfred Steyer - Federated Angular: Why and How? | AngularUP 2021


Federated Angular: Why and How?
"The much discussed micro frontends come with its very own challenges and trade-offs. People keep wondering if their benefits pay off for their projects and how to implement them. This session brings some light into the darkness.
We start with looking at several real-world use cases I helped to plan and implement in the last years. They are from different branches: Finance and Accounting, Banking, Insurances. However, we also talk about projects where we deliberately decided against micro frontends. Using these scenarios, we work out reasons for using and not using this new architectural style.
In the second part we talk about implementation strategies. We look at Module Federation which is a game changer for Micro Frontends not only in the area of SPA. After seeing how to integrate it with Angular and the CLI we discuss consequences, necessary trade-offs and alternatives.
At the end you know, if micro frontends are a good choice for your project and how to implement them." Manfred Steyer -
Founder , Manfred Steyer ( is a trainer, consultant and author with focus on modern Web- and Service-Architectures on the basis of . NET and Angular. He writes for O'Reilly, Hanser Presss, windows. developer as well as Heise Developer and is a member of the Expert-Network IT-Visions.