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Meet Microplatforms

10.27.2017 at React London


Stu Harris (Red Badger)

Today’s agile cross-functional teams usually contain T-shaped (or even Pi-shaped) engineers that embrace the DevOps Culture. They can help the team increase its autonomy by owning every aspect of the team’s product (or domain), cradle to grave, including runtime management and support. Traditionally, owning the platform was a step too far; leave this bit to the experts (and go cloud-native).However, increasing levels of automation in every area have changed this. Pipelines as code (e.g. Jenkinsfile), Immutable Infrastructure as code (e.g. Terraform), Containers as code (e.g. Dockerfile), Container Scheduling and Service Orchestration as code (e.g. Kubernetes) all conspire to empower DevOps focused cross-functional teams to run their product on their own cloud-provider-agnostic Microplatforms.