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Mixing kool-aids! Accelerate the internet with AF_XDP & DPDK


by Ciara Loftus and Kevin Laatz
At: FOSDEM 2020
❮p❯"With its recent advancements, AF❮em❯XDP is gaining popularity in the high performance packet processing space. As a result, existing frameworks for packet processing, such as DPDK, are integrating AF❮/em❯XDP support to provide more options for moving packets to user space applications. The challenge with such integration is that both AF_XDP and frameworks like DPDK have their own assumptions and constraints about such things as, for example, how to align or manage packet buffers, making the integration less straight forward than it might appear at first glance.❮/p❯
❮p❯This talk takes a look at the usability of AF❮em❯XDP pre-kernel v5.4, before diving into the recent challenges we encountered when integrating DPDK and AF❮/em❯XDP, and how we made changes (on both sides) to allow the two to work together in a much more seamless manner."❮/p❯
Room: H.1308 (Rolin) Scheduled start: 2020-02-01 15:20:00