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My 20-Year Journey as a JS Engineer, Front to Back

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Joe Sepi (IBM)

As a self-taught JavaScript engineer who began his adventures in the web world from the design/front-end angle, I've always been a little intimidated by the backend, especially compiled languages like Java. I’ve been guilty of “throwing it over the fence” when it comes to the separation of front/back. However, with the awesomeness of Node.js, that fence has become much easier to see over. And now that I am familiar with the open source tool, LoopBack, I feel like I’m a Node.js API pro ... AND YOU CAN TOO! I literally want to API ALL THE THINGS!
I'd like to share with you my journey: my odd and late entry into programming, struggling with imposter syndrome, the search for community, overcoming the barrier between client/server and finding confidence to reside in that "full stack JavaScript" world. "My story" culminates in my current role as Lead Developer Evangelist for the StrongLoop team at IBM where I spend all day talking about and building APIs in Node.js using LoopBack. We'll look at how magical and awesome LoopBack is, which will make clear why I love my job.
Joe Sepi is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies and open communities. He has held engineering leadership positions at companies such as The New York Times, Adobe, Credit Suisse and Sears. Considering he enjoys interacting with people as much as code, he splits his time between engineering and evangelism/advocacy at IBM. Joe Sepi joined IBM as the Lead Developer Evangelist for the StrongLoop Team but has since joined the NYC Team of Developer Advocates. He also plays in two punk rock bands, hits the dirt trails on his enduro and enjoys time with his family.