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Next steps for advancing your tech skills


Explore the next steps for leveling up with Pluralsight Skills, sharing your successes and updating your interests as you continue your learning journey.
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You. In this video, we'll explore ways to share your successes, level up with Skill IQ and Update your interests. There are several tools you can use to let your coworkers and other professional networks see your new skills. You can share certificates of Completion After completing 100% of a course, click your avatar, then click History on the History page, click the Certificate icon to view and save a PDF of your certificate. Certificates of completion can be shared with anyone and they can also be submitted as continuing education credits to organizations and certification vendors like CompTIA and PMP. Getting certified in a skill or technology is another way to further highlight your knowledge for current or potential employers. After completing a certification path, which you can find under the Certifications tab on the Paths page, you may have the option to take a practice exam to prepare for the real exam. Certification paths that include a practice exam are indicated by a certification prep icon. Retaking Skill IQs as soon as they're available will provide you with an UpToDate snapshot of your proficiency in a certain topic. Click the Browse icon in the top navigation bar, then click the Skill IQ tile. Skill IQs that are available for a retake are listed at the top of the page. As each Skill IQ in a role improves, so does your Role IQ. Sharing your improved Role IQ with your employer can be a great way to showcase your achievements. As you become more proficient, your interests may change from one subject to another. Your interests can be reset at any time by clicking Edit Interests on the Homepage search and Select Interest you want to explore. Click Done when you're finished making your selections. These interests help determine which courses show up in your recommended content on the Home page. For more information on how to continue leveling up with Pluralsight skills, visit the Pluralsighthelpcentre at Help