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ng-magical Directives (Angular Monthly Meetup)


Presented by WWCode San Diego Speaker: Valentine Awe (@lawdvaloni)
Utilizing the flexibility of most popular component libraries makes development easier and fun especially when we do not have to worry about what is happening under the hood. But as we progress in our career or as our apps grow bigger, we are likely going to find ourselves faced with the task of designing our own component libraries that can be reusable and highly configurable across all your applications in order to maintain consistency and also follow the DRY principle.
This presentation will take you through that magical experience provided by the angular ng- [magical ] directives in building clean and reusable components in Angular
⭐️ Valentine Awe @LawdValoni I currently work as an Enterprise Engineering product cluster lead in a financial technology company in Nigeria called Global Accelerex. I am a Frontend enthusiast and an Angular Architect. I am the lead host and founder of the Angular Africa channel on Angular Nation. I am passionate about technology. I am a husband of one and I like to sing to myself.
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