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Node And Learn: How to Create a Local Node.js Community [B]

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Yosuke Furukawa (Recruit Technologies)

Node Japanese User Group has over 3000 members, and we have meetups or workshops in every months. This talk provides how Japanese Node Community is grown up and how we interact with global community.
This talk includes the following topics:
- Introduction Node.js Japan User Group (Introduction Japanese famous Noder and libraries) - How to create Node Developers in Japan (Code And Learn / NodeSchool) - How to improve Node Community (NodeGirls in Japan / CodeOfConduct) - How to collaborate with Global Node.js Community (NodeFest guests)
About Yosuke Furukawa: Yosuke leads the Japan Node.js User Group and is an organizer of NodeFest. Yosuke has an interest in ESNext, new protocols like HTTP/2, WebRTC, and testing tools. He built the tower-of-babel, ES2015 tutorial tool and is now getting into universal web applications using React and Redux.