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Node.js #10 Meetup with STX Next. "Deno internals - how modern JavaScript runtime is built"


We're glad to announce that we're going to conduct the tenth (jubilee! 🤩🎉) meetup on 17th of June! Please, stay with us till the end to listen to a short guitar concert.
"Deno internals - how modern JavaScript runtime is built" by Bartek Iwańczuk
In this talk we'll walk through the components of the Deno runtime that allow it to communicate between JavaScript and Rust code. We'll dive deeper into internal organization of the runtime and get to understand modular approach in the Deno codebase that allows users to create their own runtimes without big effort.
About the Speaker: Bartek Iwańczuk
I'm a developer in the Denoland company. My journey with Deno started in September 2018, when I started contributing small patches in the early stage of the project. I've been working on more complex features and refactors across the codebase throughout 2019, which led me to join the company later that year. Currently I'm responsible for development and maintenance of the Deno CLI, as well as several other supporting projects.
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