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Node.js at Alibaba

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Joyee Cheung (Alibaba)

In this talk I will cover the story of Node.js at Alibaba, a top Chinese Internet company consisting of many different subsidiaries, each with its own technical stack and business focus. I will talk about our effort to unify the Node.js development practices across the Alibaba group (frameworks, infrastructures, deployment, .etc), and how Node.js applications in Alibaba deal with the challenges of our Double 11 sales.
I will also talk about the open source Node.js projects from Alibaba (including egg.js and cnpm, two enterprise-facing projects born out of the unique environment of China), the public cnpm registry (funded by Alibaba Cloud, which serves millions of downloads from China per day), and the Chinese Node.js developer community.
Joyee currently works on alinode at Alibaba Cloud. Alinode is an application management solution for Node.js in production, which has been used both inside and outside the Alibaba Group at scale. She is also a Node.js CTC member.