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Node.js Does 30 Billion Transactions Per Day

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Joran Siu (IBM)

We all know that Node.js can scale, but how far and what's needed? Come learn how we scaled Node.js based AcmeAir to 30 billion transactions/day. The hardware, the software and the key challenges along the way that had to be overcome in order to get the 350,000 transactions per second! AcmeAir is one of the benchmarks used by the community to track Node.js performance, come learn more about this benchmark and how far it can scale.
Joran Siu is IBM Runtimes Architect for z Systems, responsible for the Node.js and Java runtimes on the platform. He was a key contributor in porting Node.js and V8 JavaScript engines to Linux on z Systems, and previously worked on IBM Testarossa Just-In-Time Compiler for Java. He is based at the IBM Toronto Software Lab, in Markham, ON, Canada. Since joining IBM in 2004, he has been developing dynamic compilation technology for z Systems.