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Node.js with Steroids: Make Better Node.js Application with Native Add-Ons

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Nicola Del Gobbo (Packly S.R.L.)

This talk is about creating Node.js interfaces for native libraries written in C or C++. It starts talking about various situations in which you need to build native addons and the common problems in doing that. I'll discuss about the portion of the node.js documentation that describes native addons, the api fragmentation, and the reference provided by the Native Abstractions. With all these tools and knowledge i'll show you how to build some addons from scratch and explain how to keep your code asynchronous. Along the practical examples i will illustrate the best practice to follow in building native addon and give you some statistics about the performance improvements for the app that use native addons. At the end I will show what will be the future developments will like and talk about new N-API.
About Nicola Del Gobbo: I'm very passionate about developing web & mobile application. I started my developer career as Java and PHP developer but in 2013 i discovered Node.js and i fell in love with JavaScript. Now I'm a fullstack JavaScript developer and I try to give my contribute to all technologies that I use everyday. I love to share my knowledge so I write technical articles. I'm a Co-Founder of Nacios Technologies and now I work as developer at Packly. My real happiness consists in resolving very difficult problems with simplicity and sometimes going for a long walk.