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Building a NodeJS Registry with React | Juan Picado


Juan Picado

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# GitNation Open Source Stage: How we have built a Node.js Registry with React
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Hi. I am here because I want to share how we have built an only rich tree. We tracked this one. I work at eBay here in Berlin and fronted the engineer. And you want to follow me? That's my Twitter getup. So what's bird? That's your. I don't know whether you know the product. Can we work people who know pretty much already from here. Okay. Good number. Thank you. So but that's just a lightweight proxy and the registry for no audience. And it's really simple to install. You just need to install it. Baker slowly. And that's all. If you're using Docker. Also, we have a Docker official image and it's super easy to use. But what is the most popular way to just burdette's your. But now we have almost seven minutes of downloads. But I'm not here to speak about not years. If you want to know more about the break, there is a video right there in that link. I'm here because I want to speak about the UI. The first version of the UI was in JACOWAY, but it was really hard to maintain because we do in open source. And it was really hard to scale that from features. So we decided to move on and move to react. Actually, the user experience for the user was essentially the same, but for the open source developer, it was much easier to understand and contribute to the project. You mean we had the luxury throughout that order? So very been nice. So after a few durations on three years of the element, this is the last status of the project is really nice. We have a lot of features there. You can search your pictures, navigate independence's, find the versions, all the information you have in your reac. Pictures are there, as you can see. But it look easy to develop. But it's not that easy when you're doing open source because open source is hard. It's hard because you have really limited time to work. It was only me when a full time employee and I do this in my spare time. Maintenance, cost growth. Because what we're trying to create here is an ecosystem and as much to as much so you're adding this takes more time share knowledge is basic in open source because people goes in and leave the project constantly. Also scale, because if you really want new features, you want the feature in the UI, but also you need to be able to scale them. Also, I want new features. So what we have done in order to tackle all these problems, first of all, we used to skip at the beginning. We were using flow. But that skip is really nice, not only because it's awesome because it has types and types, this knowledge and the knowledge in the code. And if you're contributing an officers project, it's much easier on the staff. What about in their budget? Yes, we have been open source and that's the point. You want to learn something, you want to use the latest features and bombardiers allows you to have the latest Joska features in your code emotion. It was a tough decision here, but actually it was really well. It has really good documentation. It plays really well, would react. And it also works really well with an next decision, which is Metrojet. This is about the same system because we have no time to wait much components. This is what we use and we think them with emotion. And it really it has a really good community. And it's really what the commended. Also, we use just because I think everybody knows just and is really symbolic of your contribute to the project. It's one thing less. You have to learn this in a library. We have you seen inside for for a while. But one Drucilla from the colting of of of over that show approached me with this. This tool I was against of it. But let me tell you something. I was wrong because if you are conservative within a project, much likely you have already used the UI. Do you know how the project works? So when you translate this to this library way, you mean interation testing is much easier. It's much easier to understand and create us because you the need to know implementation details. So this is but this is why this is only one piece of the whole thing. But this is the most important one. And as a proof of this, in the last how our office in in October. We had a really a spike of contributions. And I got a lot of feedback from the first contributions. And they're really happy with this, just like. So if you want to know more on the project, you can watch all of the talk I did in Vienna or you can find me in the booth. I'll be there the whole day because I'm working. And yeah, this is the joke. That's your MBM, which is where we share all the new things or visit our website. We have really reached the mentation in different language. So, yeah. And also I invite you to contribute to open source. And this is a really nice project. So thank you so much.