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Not your Grandparent's C++ (Evolution of C++)


C++ has been around since the 80s, and is based on a legacy that stretches back to the 70s, 60s and earlier (depending on how you measure it). A remarkable heritage, but given the quantity and quality of "modern" programming languages available today is it really relevant anymore? Isn't it just an overly complex behemoth that should be consigned to a museum?
This talk gives a tour of first Classic C++ (pre-standard and C++98/03), then Modern C++ - starting from C++11, through C++14, C++17 - to today's C++20 and what's coming in C++23 and beyond. C++ is far from stagnant and, despite some warts, is moving forward at an impressive pace while staying truer than ever to its founding principles of zero cost abstractions and "don't pay for what you don't use".
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