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Outco + WWCode SF: The Uber Technical Coding Challenge


Presented by WWCode San Francisco x Outco Speaker: Sara Daqiq
Join this Uber Technical Interview Question demo led by current Outco Teacher and Uber Software Engineer Sara Daqiq:
Are you curious to see if you can solve a question asked during the Uber technical interview process? Join this demo to go over how to solve an interview question related to the boundary of a binary tree previously asked during the Uber technical interview process.
Founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, California, Outco is a coaching and skill sharpening service for software engineers. Outco trains software developers on technical and behavioral skills that help accelerate their job search and advance their careers. Do you know any software engineers currently on the job hunt? Please have them apply to Outco here:
Who should attend: Everyone is welcome!
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