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Overcoming Hostile Situations While Keeping Team Effectiveness


Presented by WWCode Sofia Speaker: Hristina Nedkova & Emiliya Nikolova from Paysafe Group!
👩‍💻 Very often teams from different countries and backgrounds are put to work together with no upfront preparation. Before building a relationship, they usually go through hostile situations which trigger defensive behaviour.
On the other hand, managers often come to a new team with certain culture and need time to be accepted. The manager role can also have conflicting priorities or perspectives with their team or peers.
👩‍💼 Major organizational changes can also lead to people's frustration and loss of focus and cause hostile situations. How to overcome those? In this talk our speakers will share their experience in overcoming such setbacks. You will also hear some ideas about keeping teams engaged and effective in difficult situations, while addressing the underlying problem.
About the lecturers: Hristina Nedkova & Emiliya Nikolova
👩 Hristina Nedkova is a Senior Engineering Manager at Paysafe. Since she joined the company in 2018, she is very passionate about all the aspects of releasing a cool mobile app in the App Store. Hristina has contribution in the growth, scale and the effectiveness of the mobile community at Paysafe and currently leads the mobile development within the Digital Wallets division overseeing the e-wallet apps Skrill and NETELLER.
👩 Emiliya Nikolova is an Engineering Manager in Paysafe. Until recently she was leading Paysafe's Income Access software development in Sofia, but since this year she is working on Skrill and NETELLER mobile development, together with Hristina. Emiliya is passionate about building highly effective teams that are empowered to change the usual ways of working.
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