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Prisma Meetup #3 - Matija Šošić - Wasp - DSL for building web apps with Prisma, React & Node.js


Wasp is a simple language for developing full-stack web apps - developers describe high-level features with Wasp DSL and write the rest of their logic in Prisma, React, and Node.js.
In this talk, we will discuss how Wasp was implemented (its compiler is built in Haskell), what interesting technical challenges we encountered when building own DSL, future vision, and how Prisma’s declarative nature makes it a great fit for Wasp.
Matija holds a Comp Sci MSc from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and is an experienced software engineer with experience in various areas, from writing bioinformatics algorithms for GPUs to web development and compilers. Currently, Matija is working together with his twin brother Martin on Wasp - YCombinator backed company with a goal of streamlining web app development.
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