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Product Design for Product Managers | Product Series #9


Presented by WWCode Kuala Lumpur Product Design for Product Managers | Product Series #9
What can I expect from the talk? ----- In this round's Product Talk panel discussion, our panelists from Fave and a product design consultant will be talking about best practices in product design and the role product design plays within the team and process of building a product. Aspiring product managers, growing product designers and other members of a product team who may want to understand more about product design might find this Zoom fireside chat especially handy!
Agenda ------ 8:00pm - 8:15pm: Introduction to the event 8:15pm - 8:50pm: Panel - Product Design for Product Managers 8:50pm - 9:10pm: Q&A 9:10pm - 9:20pm: Fun Quick Answering 9:20pm - 9:30pm: Wrap up
Speakers ------ Leonor Cogneau | Product Design Consultant Leonor is a strategic product design consultant focusing on apps and web products. A former UI/UX Lead at Aleph Labs, she has helped delight millions of users with products such as MyDigi (MY), RinggitPlus (MY), UOB Mighty (SG), or ING (PH). She teaches User Experience at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). ----- Rachel How | Senior Product Designer, Fave Rachel is a self-taught product designer at Fave, a fintech, merchant deals and loyalty platform. She believes in generalists, self-learning and thoughtful design. Beyond work, she writes her newsletter at and builds Malaysians Who Make, a local maker community. She also shares her thoughts on Twitter (@rachelhxw).
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